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SeaOhToo & Lying about share count
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As some may imagine by being a full time trader that's constantly banned for beating up bashers, I may have encountered a few of them.

I'm commenting publicly about SeaOhToo. This post is about his current antics & imo he's the lowest, of the low class bashers, all level all by himself.

I do not care for SeaOhToo. I think he has very serious mental problems & that isn't just based on the fact he's been stalking me even though he knew I had him on block, therefore wasn't even aware 90% of the time.

I takes a sicko to stalk someone on a message board with the sole purpose of disrupting their IHub experience, but I feel it crosses even the lowest of bars if that stalker continues even though he knows he's being ignored. Then to take further steps to garner my attention like appointing himself as Mod on all of my private plays.

This isn't why I'm writing now. I'm writing because of the post he made in XTOG which is a flat out lie. He knows its a lie, yet continues to post it ad nauseum with the sole intention of tricking novice traders into thinking XTOG is a bad investment so they sell at a loss.

I'm very confidant he's influenced a great many minds as XTOG has dragged on these past few months. SeaOhToo is directly responsible for taking the board from excitement to a ghost town, thus having traders with decent entries, 2nd guess my DD & look for an exit.

It's one thing to be a paid basher like Mr. Sano, which btw I think is a very good one, then you have the bad one's like Pumperclown that are so bad it's ridiculous. There are many different types but they all have some things in common.

They are being paid to take the truth & spin it in a not so good light. Rarely will a paid pumper strait out lie on a fact that can easily be checked. Next, paid Basher do their job &'move on. NEVER does a paid basher show up on an illiquid ticker that isn't moving, nor do they hang around after everyone has left.

Therefore is obvious SeaOhToo isn't a paid basher. I knew that from day #1 but decided to explain this to everyone today in case they didn't know.

So what is he? What would drive someone spend every open market hour of every day trying to hurt strangers?  I posted a post on IHub last night of a very similar example of this happening & the basher was tracked down, sued & lost to the tune of $20,000,000.

I wonder if XTOG would be interested in the person spreading lies with the sole intent of destroying their company, maybe because they have an axe to grind with me? 

I dunno,... But that ruling is a game changer & SeaOhToo intentionally posting strait out lies like he's been doing opens not only SeaOhToo to a plethora of lawsuits, but IHub as well. 

What goes around, comes around SeaHoToo & IHub.
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Re: SeaOhToo & Lying about share count
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I like where this can go and you hit the ball out of the park JT. I feel ripped off knowing I actually paid for IH but then again Its the platform I used to Become a friend and welcomed member to WSSR. CO2  AKA  MR THONG definitely has some personal issues that need to be addressed by the medical community and his posts of flat out lies may bite him right in the #ss.