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how I Scan with EquityFeed #5
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Part five of JT’s EquityFeed mini-series.

Now it’s time for me to share how I use the “Filter Builder”.  I highly suggest if you are a “Trader” to add multiple screens. With current technology it’s cheap and easy. 

The price of monitors has come down so much in the past year the price of a used 20” can be found on Ebay for under $100.

Back-in-the-day adding monitors was costly and difficult because it required an additional video card. Those days are long gone. Now they have what’s called an “USB to HDMI or an USB to DVI video adapter”. I use IOGear.

It’s self-powered so there is no draw on your system so one can add as many monitors as they have USB ports. Its plug and play so I even take mine on trips so I can hook my laptop or IPad into a hotel room flat screen and it’s cheap and around $50-$60!

Moving back on the subject, once you have the “Trading alerts filters” and the “Filter Builder” as the center, main filter it’s time to add supporting “Filter Builder’s” I use a lot of these so for now I will share a few of my favorites.

A.     The Small Cap Momo
·        Price $.0001 – $.99.
·        Trades 3 to 50
·        Change Action Gain is Greater than 10% relative to the Open
·        Bid Ask Action-In the last 5 minutes at least 75% of the trades were in the Ask
B.)Sub-Penny Ambush
·        Price $.0001 – $.10
·        Last Action The last price is Greater than 30% relative to the Close
·        The Spread is Greater than 90%
·        Bid Ask Action-In the last 10 minutes at least 90% of the trades were in the Ask
Then moving on to “Live Streaming News Filters”. I like to use a lot of these to break it down and make this less confusing is I have a lot of information streaming at me.

My setting for the first “Live Streaming News Filters are:
·        Markets- I check all available markets.
·        Stock Types - I check all available Stock Types.
·        News Types- I check only News and Filings
·        Filter from $.0001 top $3.50. Everything else is left blank
The Deal News I like to use separate settings and multiple filters.

My setting for the first “Deal News Filters are:
·        Markets- I check all available markets.
·        News Category- Merger, Patent Awards and FDA

My setting for the 2nd “Deal News Filters are:
·        Markets- I check all available markets.
·        News Category- Financing, Earnings, Stock-Splits, Dividends

My setting for the 3rd “Deal News Filters are:
·        Markets- I check all available markets.
·        News Category- Partnership and Legal

I like to have the news broken down because FDA, Patent Awards and Merger news are pure Momo’s with little time to react. I’ve noticed EquityFeed on many occasions somehow get the news to me before any other service.

Sometimes I get the news as much as 1-2 minutes which is a GIGANTIC difference when playing a Momo. There are many times I’m the first trader “In” and I’m confident I do not need to explain what that means when trading. 

This wraps up this week’s blog. Next week I will be sharing more filter settings and exactly how I have the news scanners set on my screens so I’ll see you next week!

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Re: how I Scan with EquityFeed #4
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Part four of JT’s EquityFeed mini-series.

Now that we have the heart of my system and most basic scanner set, what I use for support are the “Trading alerts filters”. Since I have so many screens and so many scanners/filters running I use what I call a multiple, trickle down system.

The first trading alert I used is the “Price Breakout”. Since I am describing pennies in this blog the way this is configured will be; 

1.)    Under the “Select Markets’ tab I choose only “OTC and Pink sheets”.
2.)    Under stock types I keep it simple and remove, ETF’s, ADR’s, Warrants and personally I do not like to trade fifth letter “F’s” so I remove those as well.
3.)    Under the “Alert Types” tab on this particular filter, used in this setup I like to click every box from 5-60 days. In other filters we might only use one setting but in this setup we click every box. The reason being, there is so much action I want movers to be repeated as much as possible,
4.)    Now under “Filters”, it’s pretty basic. I leave the starting price open and since we are playing pennies the maximum is $.99 and under “Trades” I use a minimum of “2”. By using  two we are weeding out a lot of noise as there are hundreds of tickers that only get a single trade, which makes an unnecessary snowstorm to weed through.
5.)    Lastly under “Settings”, just for luck I like to click “Load everything form 9:30 AM”, then “Short alerts” to make the boxes smaller to fit more on my screens and then “Reoccurring HIGHS” which is very important.
Once that is set I copy the exact same settings for a “Price trading alert”, a “Volume trading alert”, then lastly I have another “Trading Alert” filter set with a combination of price, volume, new highs and new lows in case my eyes missed something. Below is a pictures of the beginnings of a winning system. 
In my next blog I will be describing how I use the “Filter Builder” to tweak this much further. Then we will be adding the “Montage”, and after that “News” scanners.
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Re: how I Scan with EquityFeed #3
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Moving into the 3rd part of my blog on how I use the EquityFeed system. The segment I will focus on how I support the heart of my array. 

My previous post explained how I setup the Market Scan to search out breaking penny plays. My focus in this blog right now are the plays under $1 listed on the OTCBB or Pinks.

Once a ticker hits this scanner I look for the amount of money that has been traded. If it’s under $1000 is usually a “Pass”. The next thing I look for is the “Time” of last trade. I need to know how recent the last trade occurred. If it’s been 10+ minutes since the last trade, and only 1-2 trades total,  I MIGHT keep an eye on it.

If I notice a ticker with 3+ trades at let’s say $1500 traded in the last few minutes that sets off alarms in my head.  Just now as I’m writing this, while looking for a good example I notice TTNUF that traded on 06/07/2103. TTNUF caught my eye as a breakout. Here is a step by step of what I do any why.
As soon as a ticker like TTNUF catches my eye, I double click it the symbol and have EquityFeed configured to open in a “Montage”.  In the Montage window I quickly check the buying activity of the day, then I check the box so I can see the previous day.

If I’m still interested after seeing those trading sessions, I will check 5 days, 15 days, 2 months and then 6 months prior. With TTNUF I noticed there were only six trades on Friday and many of those trades happened in the last 90 minutes of the day. Then on Thursday the previous day, $0.00 traded. Both trading days are very good signs that I look for.

If I see $500 or less traded it strikes me as a BS IHub pump and I usually won't give it another second of my attention. With TTNUF on Friday I see almost $1400 which is a nice chunk of change for something that hasn’t been trading in 4-5 months.
The amount of money traded does not necessarily rule out an IHub pump, but usually with $1000+ traded within 90 minutes, can be a clear indication something is up.

Once a ticker passes these tests, the next move is to go back to Market view scan box. I will right click the ticker symbol, scroll down to “Fundamentals” and research the ticker is my next step.
The next steps in my search for the next big play is:

1.)    The OTCMarket Level. “Yield” and above I will look at. STOP and CE, I close out the window and move on. Some of the best plays can be a Pink-Yield because the yield can be something temporary and/or minor. In addition, I’ve seen companies hide behind a yield before a breakout so I take special interest in that OTCMarket level.

2.)    The next step I take is checking the OS and the float (If available).  In this case I LOVE TTNUF’s OS of 16M. That’s a JOKE so I might grab some tomorrow just for giggles. 

3.)    Short interest is something to look at but it’s not always accurate on OTCMarkets so it’s not super-important.

4.)    I like to check their CPA and Law firm, as either of those can be an indicator if it’s a paid promotion.

5.)    “News” and then “Filings and Disclosure” are next to see what really going on with this company.
That sums up JT’s quick DD and this session of how to scan using a single scanner and filter. I eventually plan on describing how I setup a multi-monitor setup like I’ve pictured below. I have a few systems I designed and use but this one is my favorite that I'm using now. 

In closing, the last thing I search for in my quick, DD is IHub posts. I would love to see EquityFeed add a button to search all IHub posts. Something like this

This search allows me to see everything that happening IHub wise. Also a “Board Central” search would be nice but that’s probably pushing it. lol! à

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Re: how I Scan with EquityFeed #2
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Some may ask why I’m here writing about EquityFeed and the reason is I’m here to pay it forward. I am known as “JT the DD King” in the trading world.

If you are here because you are one of my followers, EquityFeed platform is a big party of my secret formula to my success. If you’ve haven’t heard of “JT the DD King”, my claim to fame is within 9 months I went from never picking a winning stock, to picking 13 within five months and most were 10 baggers.

What makes this record even more exceptional is I found these tickers before anyone else. In most cases I was one of the first “Outside” investors which has taken me from near broke to living comfortably in less than a year.

With that being said, now that my greatest pick to date “AASP” hit last week I plan on slowing down and feel like it’s time to spread the love. I have An IHub following that is growing by leaps and bounds. Many followers want to know my secrets, which I haven’t really shared before.

In fact I do not believe I’ve mentioned EquityFeed in public. I kind of kept EquityFeed a secret, especially my scanner and filter settings which I will eventually reveal in detail.

In this blog I will write at least twice a week and each blog I will explain what I do and how I do it.
Please note I am not an expert in many aspects of trading. Technical indicators are not my thing so that part I may leave others to fill in. Where I excel is blazing my own path to solve puzzles.

I may not know the formal or correct way of doing something, but I often figure out a way to beat any system, doing it my own way.  In fact I would not be surprised to see someone involved with EquityFeed chime in “JT that’s not how that’s supposed to be used, but daaaaaamn! It looks like you got it to work in ways we didn’t think of!”.

To begin, the heart of my system is the “Market View”. I have approximately 10-15 market view scans streaming constantly, but in the center is one Market View using:

Select Market- OTCBB & Pinksheets.
Stock Types – Everything except for ETF’s W’s and Y’s
Filters- Minimum- left blank to $.99
Trades-1 to 50
Time frame – Real-time
Then I click the %Change so the arrow is pointing down which sets this scanner to show me anything in Pennyland that’s just jumped 100% or more instantly.  In my next blog I will explain how to read this scan and provide addition scanners that I use in support of this function

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Re: how I Scan with EquityFeed #1
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The EquityFeed platform is a must have for beginners and seasoned traders alike. I have been using EquityFeed for almost a year and am told often my story is interesting.
When I found EquityFeed it was because I felt other traders were getting news before me. I noticed important announcement, breakouts happened before E*TRADE’s news scanners posted it on the E*TRADE Pro platform.
I knew there had to be a professional traders program out there. In fact I was convinced “The Pro’s” knew about software that gave them an edge because every time I saw a breakout, it seemed like everyone knew before I did.
I had only been trading part time for a few months so signed up for the EquityFeed free trial to see if EquityFeed was the “One”.   
At the time I was as green as grass.  Once I received the system, configuring it was a whole other story. It seemed overwhelming at first but once I got into it, it was actually quite easy.
I had a day job at the time. I owned a full time, online, retail men's clothing store that I worked at least 15 hours a day so having extra time to figure out something that seemed so complex was not a luxury I could afford. 
Then, finally the market got the better of me. I wasn't losing money per se. I was just sick of every morning waking full of high hopes and getting depressed because of one economic problem or another.
After a few months of my wife calling me a “Debbie Downer” form being depressed over the market being depressed, I finally threw in the towel and promised her I wouldn't trade while.
The night I quit trading, since I wasn't preparing for a trading day I decided to toy with the EquityFeed system. It looks so cool I was excited I finally had the chance to play with it before the trial expired.
With the help of a few message board posts for filter tips I set up a basic scanner very, very easily. I really didn't even have a clue if it was setup correctly and went to bed.
The next morning as I was working, my wife checked in on me to ensure I wasn't breaking my promise, just as a ticker got caught in my net. Perfect timing as always. I always get caught even if I’m innocent!
So I saved my first ticker as a “Montage” and just as I’m scooting it to a corner of my monitor, my wife catches me again. I’m like What?? I didn’t do anything!  She looks at me, made a funny face, points the finger of shame and exclaimed “Don’t even think about it! You promised!”
By the end of day I had three tickers saved right under her nose. It was my first find, the one I loved, two other finds that were just “OK” and as I got close to the last 15 minutes until closing bell, a FDA approval hit my EquityFeed news scanner!
I looked at it. Did a double and a triple take. I read the news, check the trades and I could have sworn that kind of news the PPS should go up, but it didn’t move. 
I was so new I wasn’t sure, so I decided to watch to see what happened. I pushed that Montage to another corner of my monitor and went back to work.
It wasn’t a minute later I heard a “Ding” which meant a trade was executed. Then another, and another, and another and then it literally exploded! 
The PPS went up over 50% in literally minutes! I was thinking “Holy Camole!” I think I may have found the software source Pro traders use to get news first!  I actually had about a minute head start! Unbelievable!
But being a skeptic I figured it was just one. Maybe it was a one hit wonder. I was happy but not 100% convinced. Or more accurately I didn’t have enough evidence to convince the COP standing over me that I had a reason to trade again.
As I’m closing the day with maybe 3 minutes left before the bell. The first ticker that got caught in my scanner that morning, the ticker I got the finger of shame that wife wouldn’t let me buy because I promised. Well, It was Hughes Telematics. Hughes Telematics was bought out by Verizon and the PPS instantly went from like $3 to $12.10!
Needless to say, here I am before you, a full time, professional Penny stock trader. My wife couldn’t say a “Peep” with the way this system serves me and I owe it all to EquityFeed.  Without EquityFeed I would be completely blind, trying to feel my way through the dark instead of a leader with the torch!

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Updated step by step directions on how to find 10 baggers using EquityFeed
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