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RXSF - Stock of 2016..


Current PPS: $2.67

HokieHead's Projected PPS: $75.00




About RXSF:

 RX Safes designs,develops, engineers, and markets fingerprint medical security storage solutionsfor consumers and healthcare professionals, using a common, patented,autonomous fingerprint interface which offers heightened security, tightercontrols and greater convenience. The company's products offer safety andsecurity of prescription medications and other controlled substances in thehome, within commercial healthcare facilities and out in the field.Prescription Drugs are more deadly than car accidents and guns combined andkill more than 100 people each day in the U.S. With a social and economic pricetag of over $600 billion, the company is dedicated to providing comprehensivesolutions to address the issues caused by drug diversion and unauthorizedaccess to these medications, with products ranging from fingerprint medicationsafes, portable medical storage solutions PCA pendants, needle-free injectors,locks and portable HIPAA compliant EHRs.


Share Structure (per OTC Markets) :

 Market: OTCQB

 Shares Outstanding:1,467,498

 Shares Floating:283,025

 Floating Shares ownedby Insiders: 175,000+

 Market Cap @ $2.67 =$3.9 million







Recent Executive Summary and InvestorPresentation:


Slide 24/27 - $25 million investment results in 3years:

 -$95 million revenues

 -$27 million cash onhand

 -$43 million EBITDA



Medical Device Research Analyst 12/21/15: Target:$17



Company introduces 2016 Growth Plans:



In 2016 I am expecting the following here: 


 1. BankFinancing - Non toxic bank loan, possibly in installments, starting inthe $2.5 million range, up to a possible $25 million in 2016.

 2. FutureConvertible Debt - With bank financing, CD's coming due in a few monthswill be paid off, leaving zero potential of additional shares.

 3. StockExchange Uplist- Within 1-2 months the company will meet all therequirements to uplist to the NYSE/NASDAQ exchange.

 4. CreateCompany Synergies - Partner with manufacturers, like Mika Medical, thatwill keep costs down and improve gross margins.

 5. ExpandRxSafe Programs - With the success of the Online CVS program, expandthe sales to CVS stores and even more pharmacies and brick/mortar departmentstores. Possible safe sales of over 150,000 safes in 2016, or $15 million insales.

 6. ProfessionalHealthcare Products - Per PR 11/12/15, partner with infusion pumpmanufacturers to include RX SafeDose and RX MyDose. BIG BUCKS.

 7. Sales ofother (new) products - Added sales from RXSFs other ProfessionalHealthcare products and any other new items under development the pubic isn'taware of.

 8. Possiblebuyout candidate - The patents, technology and products RXSF offerswould be a tempting company to be acquired by a large Medical Device or PharmaCompany with tons of cash. Dropping $100 million + for this company within ayear is not out of the question.



So what could RXSF look like as far as numbers within 1-2years:


Revenues: $75.0 million

 Expenses: $60.0million

 Income: $15.0 million

 Outstanding Shares:10.0 million (increased outstanding figure to include financing shares)


 P/S Ratio (IndustryAverage 3): $75.0 million x 10 = $750 million / 10.0 million = $75 price pershare


 P/E Ratio (IndustryAverage 32): $15.0 million / 10 million = $1.50 x 50 = $75 price pershare


 $1,000 investment01/2016 = $27,000 possible value within a year


 Comments: I used theP/S Ratio of 10 and a PE Ratio of 50, higher than the industry averages due tothe higher than expected growth rate for RXSF. I also used a conservativeincome figure. See you on NYSE or Nasdaq over $50 a share unless we get boughtout first.

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